About Us

L'Escalier was created in Brooklyn NY by Jonah Levine, Brandon Schultz and Truvy Jones. We created the brand because we were in search of stylish designer t-shirts that didn't cost $300. Our shirts are hand lettered calligraphy, designed for us to wear and hopefully you'll like them too!

About Jonah

Jonah is from Indiana and moved to New York in 2003 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design. After graduation he became the head designer for Clandestine Industries the fashion brand owned by Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz. Since 2009 he has been the creative director for a fashion brand (that he can't name here for confidentiality reasons).

About Brandon

Brandon was raised in Texas, and moved to New York in 2002 to pursue his love of fashion.  He has worked for companies like Barney's New York, Stella McCartney, Mugler, Carven, Steven Allan and more. And even with his discount $300 T-shirts are too expensive!

About Truvy

Truvy Jones is the best dog ever. Period. 

I'm Truvy Jones